Are you pregnant alongside your friend/s?

Split the cost of our full hypnobirthing course with a private group course.

Two couples: £200 per couple
Three couples: £150 per couple
Four couples: £125 per couple

Why should I book a private group course?

Our private group courses are perfect if you are pregnant alongside friends (it seems pregnancy can be contagious!). Yourself, your partner, your friend(s) and their partner(s), will receive the full hypnobirthing course at a discounted price.

What happens at a private group course?

You can choose two days where I will come to you and your friend(s) for 12 hours of teaching time. You can choose which friend is hosting, or you host day one and your friend host day two. You can also choose from two time slots - 10am until 4pm or 3pm until 9pm.

I only offer private courses as my couples have felt more comfortable and able to ask questions whilst in their home environment. It is an intimate course, talking about intimate and personal topics, so it’s pretty important that you are comfortable discussing these topics with your group of friends!

By booking a small private course, I can tailor the course to you and your needs, which is helpful if you have any medical conditions or past experiences. If you would like to book a private group course but are not comfortable discussing medical conditions/past experiences in front of your friends, I can give you support via email.

What’s included?

  • 2x 6 hour day course (10am - 4pm or 3pm - 9pm) from the comfort of your own home (don’t worry - I’ll bring my own food)

  • The Beautiful Birthing Course Companion

  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves

  • Relaxation MP3 downloads

  • Relaxation scripts for pregnancy and labour

  • Email/text support until the birth of your baby

  • Birth preferences template and example

  • What to pack in your hospital bag