Our courses run across two days, 10am - 4pm including breaks. Pretty intense… but you learn FAST! And in just two days you will feel COMPLETELY differently about birth. So, what will you learn?


The physiology of birth

  • Understanding labour

  • How the uterus works

  • How to help the uterus muscles work efficiently

  • The important role of hormones in birth

  • The mind-body connection


Encouraging positivity

  • Encouraging new, positive thought patterns and habits

  • Discussing beautiful and positive birth stories for every type of birth

  • How to maintain a positive attitude towards changes in circumstances


Relaxation toolkit

  • Easy breathing techniques to help your oxygen supply and calm yourself during labour

  • Guided relaxation scripts and MP3s that will instil calmness and positivity

  • Relaxation scripts to practice with your partner


Preparing for birth

  • Easy pelvic floor exercises you will remember

  • A guide to perineal massage

  • Tips for helping baby to take optimum positioning for labour

  • Practical positions for each stage of labour


Building confidence

  • How to let go of fears surrounding birth

  • How to ask care providers the right questions to ensure you make choices that are right for you and your baby


Coping strategies

  • How to work through the sensations of labour

  • What pain relief options are available and the pros and cons of each

  • Water births


Birthing environment

  • Home births

  • Birth centres

  • Labour ward

  • Theatre

  • Creating the perfect environment


Special circumstances

  • Breech babies

  • Hypnobirthing for caesarean sections

  • Gentle caesareans

  • What is an induction, the induction process, and how to hypnobirth through an induction

  • Episiotomy and tearing

  • Assisted delivery


The golden hour

  • What happens after baby is born

  • What is delayed cord clamping?

  • Birthing the placenta - managed or natural

  • Vitamin K

  • Feeding options