Jaxon's Birth Story


My first birth story since I started teaching at the beginning of the year… and I am over the moon.

I taught Beth and Rob in February, and they were toying with the idea of a home birth. After going through the course and delving into the section on ‘where to give birth’, they decided that a home birth was indeed what they wanted.

When I received Beth’s review and Jaxon’s birth story my eyes filled with tears of joy! Beth and Rob had their amazing home birth and the most wonderful experience. And Jaxon had a great time too by the sounds of it!

So, without further ado, here’s Jaxon’s birth story…

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and advice with the hypnobirthing! A week after our due date...on the rugby grand slam weekend... Jaxon decided to start to make an appearance. My waves started around 1am on Sunday (17th March). I used the up breathing technique from early on which gave me a huge focus. By around 6.30pm on the Sunday I was in the bath and felt that it was time to call for a midwife ahead of our home birth. The midwife arrived at around 7pm and when examining me she was VERY surprised that I was around 9cm dilated. Up until this point, I had had 2 paracetamols and used my up breathing! Looking back at this today, I feel like I was superwoman! I then used the gas and air as well as the birth pool and delivered our little prince, Jaxon, at 10.24pm on the same day. The midwives kept saying how amazed they were by how well I had done and how calm I remained during the whole process.

I’ll admit that, at one point, I felt myself lose control but very very quickly I reminded myself of the breathing techniques that you taught me and brought it all back under control.

We honestly cannot thank you enough for everything you taught us prior to the birth. I know that it would have been a completely different birth experience if it weren’t for you and hypnobirthing. We are so very lucky to be able to tell people about our positive experience of birth and have experienced it in such a calm environment. This was exactly what we wanted!

Thank you again,
Beth, Rob and Jaxon

What an incredible experience. And for me, this is why I became a hypnobirthing teacher - to help women achieve positive births. They really aren’t out of reach!

Huge thank you to Beth and Rob for sharing Jaxon’s beautiful birth story. How adorable is he?

Jess x

Jessica Neal