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Our private courses are run from the comfort of your own home on a one-to-one basis with you and your birth partner. Our private courses are flexible and can be run on weekdays or weekends that suit you.


What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is an in-depth antenatal education programme designed to release fear and build confidence for a positive birthing experience.

It educates you on what your body will do to birth your beautiful baby (or babies!). It also teaches you breathing techniques which enhance your oxygen supply in order to help your muscles work optimally, and show you birth positions to help your baby make their entrance to earth-side easily. When the time comes and labour begins, you will be in tune with your body, know exactly what is happening, how to help it along and what it is doing to bring your bundle of joy into the world.


Our story

We are the Beautiful Birthing Company, and our mission is to empower women to create their very own beautiful birth experience using the powerful method of KG Hypnobirthing.

We believe that your birth experience matters. Whether you give birth at home, at a birth centre, on a labour ward or in theatre, hypnobirthing gives you the knowledge and confidence to navigate your birth to choose the best decision for you and your baby (or babies!). Hypnobirthing is for all births and all women. Our aim is for you to come out of giving birth feeling empowered, with an amazing experience to treasure forever.


Your teacher

Hello! Iโ€™m Jessica , founder of the Beautiful Birthing Company, mum of one , and your hypnobirthing teacher! Iโ€™m a qualified KGH teacher on a mission to help mums achieve a beautiful and positive birth experience.


What will you learn?

The full KG hypnobirthing and antenatal education course covers:

  • how your body is designed to give birth

  • your birth choices and options

  • the importance and role of your birth partner

  • how to prepare for your beautiful birth

  • how to help your body during labour

  • what happens after baby is born


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